Dragonfly Brands

Dragonfly Brands is building the restaurant of the future.

Dragonfly Linden

Six brands delivering 200 dishes across every cuisine, instantly delivered in 15-30 minutes or served up in our beautiful dining room

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Seeking our next six locations to expand across New Jersey. Industry leading AUV seeking 6,500 SF in dense prime A locations, open to both new unit construction or renovation of existing space

Seeking new locations

Seeking our next six locations to expand across New Jersey.

Industry leading AUV, risk mitigated with multiple modular brands under one roof

Seeking 6,500 SF in dense prime A locations near highway intersections with easy ingress and egress

Open to both new construction or renovation

No exclusivity limitations, with additional CPG use and external refrigeration

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At Dragonfly Brands, we are building the restaurant of the future and seeking dedicated, talented members to join our expanding team. You will grow with us in a leadership position in an exciting new industry.

We understand talent comes in many forms. Our team represents a true diversity and includes not only restaurant experience but chemists, skilled tradesmen, programmers, designers, and students. We don’t care what field you come from, but we do require your consistent dedication in becoming the best at what you do.

The ideal candidate enforces a high personal moral standard, is self-motivated to fix problems without direction, does not provide teammates any reason to doubt them, inherently understands that drama hurts company morale and that average, comfortable standards result in uninspiring work environments. You will join a family of passionate, value-driven team members who get up before sunrise, lead by example, and enjoy coming to work because it’s a true match to their personal and career goals.

Our team are profoundly dedicated and 60+ hour work weeks are second nature to our management team, and we employ full time only hourly staff. This is the work culture you will be joining - if this sounds troublesome, we are not the right fit for you. The work is physically and mentally demanding, and you are expected to help out in any capacity as needed, and will be rewarded for your contributions.

If this sounds like fun, we want to talk to you.